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This block is finish machined (4.00") and comes with
cam bearings and brass freeze pulgs installed.
4 bolt main and will work with flat tappet or roller cam.
This blocks weight 181 lbs
383ci Stroker, after machining. Used for the 383ci partial engine block. [Old
P/N 88959106]88962516
This bare block is the same as the 350ci Bare Block P/N 10105023 except the
pan rails have been machined so the 3.80" crankshaft clears the block. It has
4.00" diameter cylinder bores and four-bolt main bearing caps. This block is
machined for a 1-piece rear crankshaft seal. (Does not include rear seal or
adapter.) These blocks weight 181 lbs.
Technical Notes: Cylinder wall thickness is the same as current production
engines. The lifter valley is machined for hydraulic roller and flat tappets.
Crankshafts with 2-piece seals can be installed with adapter P/N 10051118.
Main bearing torque specifications for all Bow Tie blocks are 65 lbs. inner
bolts, 60 lbs. outer bolts, and 40 lbs. on 3/8” front bolts with light oil. Block
castings are P/N 10243880 and 14093638.
A rock-solid start for your stroker project.
For a great starting point to build your own marine 383 engine,
all the work is done for you, these GM Performance Parts cast
iron 4-bolt main engine blocks are just what you need. They
feature a one-piece rear main seal, and also accept 2 piece,
with adapter P/N 10051118 a 4.000 in. finished bore, an oil
block machined to accept a maximum crankshaft stroke of
3.800 in., and a lifter valley designed for roller and flat tappet
camshafts and lifters.