Marine Power 6.0L inboard engine
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list Price---------$13,455.00
Your cost--------$9,000.99
S6.0L V
375hp/391TQ *   4800-5200 wot. rpm
VORTEC Style Cylinder Heads
SPORTPAC - Complete Inboard Engine Available as Bobtail or with
Hurth or Velvet Drive Transmission - Includes: Parpac plus Inboard
Bellhousing, Merc-Style Center-Rise Manifolds with 4" Risers (3"
Optional), Alternator, Dual Alternator Belt Drive, 50 Amp Circuit
Breaker, Heavy Duty Engine/Gear Cooler, Fuel/Wat er Separator,
Top Mount Starter, Engine Wiring Harness, Single Sender Package,
Crankshaft-Driven Auxiliary Seawater Pump, Flame Arrestor, Weather
Cover, Dual Remote Oil System, Reversible Dipstick & Tube w/Oil
Drain Fitting, Superior Corrosion Resistant Urethane Paint

Two Year Limited Warranty

Available SportPac Engine Options Include:
Instrument Panel with Harness Extension ? Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

** Horsepower rated @ crankshaft - EFI MPI Model 375hp
Fresh water cooling standard
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updated 3/29/07
The New Vortec 6.0 EFI Marine Power Engine