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Captains Call
For larger and louder engines
where noise and performance
are important! A captains call
system with muffler tips.
Silent choice exhaust, silent choice tips
We sell the following exhaust products and more. Corsa
captain's call,quick & quiet,Gil exhaust,silent choice,Gil
Marine,Corsa performance,boat exhaust,alpha drive. We
also sell top of the line boat exhaust like CMI
headers,stainless marine. Silent choice gil exhaust
manifolds with captain's call. Silent choice systems Ava.
With most exhaust manifolds. Exhaust diverters valves  aka
silent choice. Corsa captains call system parts, complete
corsa captains call systems side exit or transom. We have
mufflers for your captains call exhaust system too. We even
have captains call exhaust system for CMI headers, Enjoy
the open water with your new corsa captains call exhaust
system. Ask about our price guarantee on corsa captains
call exhaust!
::Corsa Captain's Call ::   Add value & Performance to your boat!
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Corsa standard side
exit tip's click image
Custom Dual side tip's
Click image $750.00
Corsa captains call
Click image
**Standard systems (transom exit) will fit all boats without a swim platform and a flat
 They will also fit "some" boats with a swim platform, but you will need to measure
your boat first. (see how to measure or call us) Below platform and other custom systems
are available and usually ship within 10 business days.
All non-muffled exhaust tips include CORSA’s Carek™ anti-surge valve that flows 50% more
exhaust than competitive valves, while providing reliable protection from back-splash when
the engine isn’t running. Its unique stainless steel design is gravity operated so there are
no springs or mechanical levers to wear out. CORSA’s Carek™anti-surge valve is
completely maintenance-free and is backed by CORSA’s exclusive limited lifetime warranty.
**You are responsible for measuring "your" boat! We will be glad to help if you
call or email, but there are NO returns on systems you measured wrong!
All electric diverter systems feature heavy-duty solenoids and solid state controls.
A limited lifetime warranty applies to all Carek™ anti-surge valves and a 3-year limited
warranty applies to all other exhaust products.
Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques such as hydroforming, (a revolutionary
process where water under extreme pressure is used to form tubing into a wide variety of
smooth-flowing shapes and contours), CORSA has the ability of producing complex parts
with a clean appearance. It is this leadership in technology that has built our reputation of
building the finest quality exhaust products in the marine industry.
CORSA Performance is the only marine exhaust company that will take the time to fully
design and build a custom exhaust system for its customers. Whether it’s for a large boat
manufacturer, or just a fellow weekend boater who has a unique application.
You are responsible for checking noise laws in your state.
Standard Through Transom Kit.Merc.**
305,350, 6.2 & 383 Alpha or Bravo (w/out
spacers between riser and manifold).
Comes with everything: Tips, hoses, clamps,
wiring harness, and diverters.

Your cost--$1169.99-------------------
List price.- $1359.99
Standard Through Transom Kit. Merc.**
454 & 502 Alpha or Bravo                  
(w/out spacers between riser and manifold)
Comes with everything: Tips, hoses, clamps,
wiring harness, and diverters.

Your cost--$1169.99-----------------
List price. -$1385.99
Standard diverters ONLY big block or small
BB (454/502)---------------$900.99--

SB (305-383)---------------$900.99--

BB (496)--------------------$930.99--

BB (496)
to original 454 holes$1200.99--
Standard diverters ONLY Volvo/OMC
350 or 454                                         $915.95
350  (GI/SX, COBRA & Duoprop)-

454  (GL&GI Duoprop)--------------
Side exit diverter
A note from us. In single
engine installations, we've
seen up to a 50 rpm
increase at WOT, in twins,
we've seen up to 100 rpm
gains at WOT!
Results will vary +/-depending
on your application
How to measure
Replacement solenoids
For captains call.
2 wire (cor13487)--- NLA*
3 wire
(white plug) (13488) NLA*
3 wire
(Black plug) (10871) $169.99ea
4 wire(white) (NLA use 10871)
(see below for NLA solenoids)    
Corsa custom dual side exit tips
*NLA (no longer available ) solenoid's need to be replaced
with new style solenoid's and wiring harness.

(per engine)---------------
Standard thru-side Captains call system for
mercruiser engines 305-502 with
no spacer
blocks. Complete kit.
(72" of hose total)


tip price per pair
tip price per pair
Angle cut tip.
Check box to upgrade to the custom dual
side exit tip. Upgrade charge $290.00
List $1688.97
List $1699.97
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Prices updated 2/19/14
"Corsa captain's call exhaust"
Coras exhaust systems. Captains call
exhaust the #1 silent choice system.
The captain's call exhaust system.
Captains call meets exhaust . We also
have muffler tips for the corsa captains
call exhaust.
See a complete corsa captains call exhaust thru transom system here.
See a complete corsa captains call exhaust side exit. Here
See a complete corsa capatins call 496 system
3 year warranty on solenoids
4" stainless steel exhaust elbows
$199.00 Pair