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Merc. 5.0L MPI (new)
5.0 MPI
Our latest V8 Bravo MPI sterndrive models are now available with
optional Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS). DTS eliminates all helm
maintenance and provides silky-smooth shifts for the life of the
product. DTS automatically synchronizes multiple engines, provides
shift protection and provides SmartStart digital starting. DTS
commands can be made from up to three helms to as many as four
Standard Features
ECM 555 fuel and ignition system along with platinum-tipped spark plugs ensure reliable
starts and outstanding performance, year after year
Exclusive Engine Guardian protection senses potential problems and virtually eliminates
the chance for engine damage due to overheating, low oil pressure, or low drive lube
Dry-joint exhaust eliminates the chance for water to enter engine through leaky gaskets
Water-separating fuel filter helps protect fuel system and engine against damage
Proven GM cast iron block V8 power for years of reliable operation
Ceramic coated exhaust elbows better resist high temperature and corrosion
Brass sea water pump housing improves life and better resists damage from running dry
Multi-Port Fuel Injection provides easy starts, cold or hot, and automatically adjusts for
changes in temperature, weather, or altitude for terrific performance in any environment
Two-piece, long-runner intake manifold design improves low and mid-range torque for
better acceleration and handling heavy loads
HVS Ignition with knock control maximizes power and protects against low quality fuels
Standard anti-feedback power steering helps reduces operator fatigue and makes boat
handling a breeze
Low restriction flame arrestor for added horsepower and torque
Improved shift system feel along with a 1/3 reduction in shift effort
Mercruiser 5.0L MPI Engine only.
Power 260HP (194 kW)
Full Throttle Range 4600-5000 RPM
Displacement 305 CID (5.0L)
Engine Type V8  
Bore & Stroke 3.73” X 3.48” (95mm X 88mm)
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Fuel Requirement 87 Octane (R+M)/2
Engine Control System ECM 555 with SmartCraft CAN Capability (PCM 555 w/DTS)
Fuel Delivery System Gen II Cool Fuel-Alpha
Gen III Cool Fuel-Bravo  
Fuel Injection System Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection (Sequential Fuel Injection
Induction System 2-pieceLong Runner intake with 75mm Throttle Body (80mm w/DTS)
Ignition System Crank-fired High Voltage Switch w/Knock Control and Platinum Plugs
Charging System 65 Amp/917 Watt Alternator
Water Drain System  3-point Manual Drain (Bravo Models)
Single Point Air-Actuated (Optional on Bravo Models)
Single Point Manual Drain (Alpha Models)  
Exhaust System Iron Manifold with Ceramic Coated Dry-joint Exhaust Elbow
Cooling System Thermostatically Controlled, Raw Water
Accessory Drive System Serpentine Belt
Recommended Engine Oil SAE 25W-40 NMMA Certified FC-W
Engine Guardian System Low Oil Pressure, High Coolant Temperature, Low Drive
Lube, Low Sea Water Pressure, Low Voltage, Over-rev control, Knock Control
Alpha Ratios 1.47, 1.62, 1.81(H)
Bravo One Ratios 1.50, 1.65
Bravo Two Ratios 2.00, 2.20
Bravo Three Ratios 2.00. 2.20, 2.43(H)
Dimensions (LxWxH) in 32 x 30 x 22
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 814 x 740 x 559
Weight w/ Alpha (lbs./kg)  952/433
Weight w/ Bravo One (lbs./kg) 993/451
Weight w/ Bravo Two (lbs./kg) 1010/459
Weight w/ Bravo Three (lbs./kg) 1019/463
Digital Throttle and Shift  Optional  
Optional Freshwater Cooling  Available  
Only one available at this price!