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The most powerful Ski boat engines on the market! performance boat
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Engines come standard with one piece polished SS header/manifold  CLICK HERE
Freshwater cooling is also standard. (not shown)
Although we recommend the use of Corsa captains call in I/O applications it is not required!
They will run
(87 octane), hook up and connect as a "direct replacement" to your existing
Merc. Thru prop exhaust, or inboard with mufflers
(4"ID hose) without any water reversion issues.
That's the way we designed them!
(low maintenance, light weight, high power, DIRECT REPLACEMENT engine's)
We utilize a V.V.T. (variable valve timing) system, that allows us to achieve maximum horse power
and torque,
thru out the RPM range, while retaining the idle characteristics  of a stock engine.
(IE: 650 rpm idle, and no water reversion)

V.V.T. is the "ONLY" way to achieve this combination of power on pump fuel and
retain stock type idle characteristics, with no water reversion.

V.V.T. is nothing new, it has been used for decades in many cars and trucks, in fact, if you
drive a Hyundai,  BMW, Porsche, Mercedes or a  6.0L GM truck, ETC., you most likely have a
V.V.T.system in it. However, it is relatively new in
gas powered boats. (diesels have used it for years)
Crusader, Marine power and others have started using the 6.0L GM VVT engine, they "claim"
385 HP. We not only
surpass that, (through the use of superior parts and technology), we back it up with
the Dyno results!
direct replacement engines, are the ONLY engine's, that we know of that produce
these results.
(see below)

You will see others claiming similar results, (lot's on ebay, running on engine stands, "not a dyno") . Most of
what we see out there, are rebuilt "automotive engines", "claiming" (no dyno test) to be a
marine engine 383ci. 400+hp!
(Our engines 377ci,, "420 series" are 100% NEW!) Some of these people
(VERY FEW) truly do make a good 400+hp SB engine. HOWEVER, they do not tell you, they
need 93 octane, and special exhaust systems to work correctly, "without blowing up".
( you learn
that later)
(We offer a 93 octane version that requires special exhaust, they make 500+ hp)
but these are designed as "a
direct replacement" engine, stock exhaust system configuration and 87 octane dock side
The EFI engine does require a fuel return line, but the return adapter is supplied with the
engine, and only requires a "few minutes" to install.
(you just cut the fuel fill hose, and install the return Y
adapter with the supplied hose clamps)

Our light weight, freshwater cooled (closed cooling), MPI. 6.2L/377ci. Direct replacement  
OFFSHORE 420 engine package, is not inexpensive, But we believe whether your
replacing a 5.7L, 454 or a stock 496ci. 8.1L  there is no better engine!
ALL "MPI" engines, come with diagnostic software and cables.
A $600.00 value
we provide you with all the necessary tools to self diagnose.
All others require you to purchase separately.
mercruiser black scorpion look out!
WOT RPM 5250-5550
New GM performance stroker block (ZZ4 4 bolt Block)
New forged steel crank (one piece rear main)
New Bushed forged steel rods   
New forged pistons
(floating pin)
New Custom grind HYD. Roller cam vmax lifters
AFR ELIMINATOR 195 heads 2.02 int. 1.60ex.
(inconel exhaust valves)
New Manley push rods
New 1000 CFM MPI marine EFI
New marine elec. fuel pumps high and low psi
New flywheel and damper
(14"with double bolt pattern)
New Stainless steel, full roller rockers
New Stainless steel fasteners
New custom engine cowling
New Delco EST Marine HEI. System
(rev.limit 6000)
New engine hour meter
New accusync system for twin engines
(inboard only)
New oil coolers
(recommended oil: AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil 15-50)
New starter (high torque reduction gear)
New alt. (78 amp)
New freshwater cooling
New motor mts. (application specific)
New ARP bolts & studs
New high pressure /volume oil pump
New cast aluminum 8qt. Oil pan
New remote oil filter
(side mount)
New "E3" Spark Plugs
New Our EXCLUSIVE one piece Stainless steel
header manifold (5 year warranty)
New quick drain oil (I/O only)
Standard 10 pin wiring harness w/hr meter
(canon plug)
Epoxy paint with chip resistant hard coat clear
Low oil pressure & high temp alarm.
New 10 micron fuel filter, water separator
New stainless fuel lines

Custom paint colors $190.00 (see chart)
Standard features include
Engine, 2 Year PR limited warranty, 5 year exhaust!
see dyno sheets below
idle 650-700 rpm
Hundreds of pound lighter that any big block and most small blocks.
The most powerful small block direct replacement engine on the market! Light weight, low maintainance.
Stainless Steel one piece header/manifold, 5 year warranty.
The most powerful SB direct replacement engine available.

Power steering $FREE

3" taller rise exhaust $300.00

Wide band O2 closed loop efi
control,--- $1000.00
8 hp gain & 5% fuel
savings with WB O2)
Total dry weight of a complete
offshore 420 MPI.
(carb. Slightly less)

350 marine engine = 730lbs

454 marine engine =

496 Marine engine =

(350, 454  and 496 weights are based on
manufactures published weights)
complete with power steering option. Freshwater cooling is standard.
Layaway payment plans are Available.