The Offshore 420 1000hr. program.
This program applies to the original engine purchaser only and is not transferable.

Each engine comes with a built in hour meter, at anytime between 800hrs and
1000hrs (no less and no more**) you return a
running engine to us (engine only)
we will overhaul the engine and restore it to it's original condition for $1500.00

  • The overhaul will include the following
  • Dissemble engine
  • inspect all parts
  • replace all engine bearings and oil pump (to original brg. setup or +.002 max. only)
  • rebuild lifters
  • rebuild rocker arms
  • re-ring engine (Std. Bore only)
  • Grind valves and seats (test springs)
  • New gaskets
  • Assemble engine
  • New spark plugs
  • Dyno and setup engine
  • repaint and re-crate engine

Most engines will not require any further machine work at this time, (800hrs) if it
is found further machine work is need in your engine you will be contacted.
Shipping charges are the owners responsibility.
**altered hr. Meters void warranty!!